Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow week filled with birthdays!

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays... Why is it that most of my (at some point in my life) best friends have birthdays this week?! Seriously! I got to semi talk to my middle school bestie, Becca, on Sunday for her birthday, I was on the phone with my elementary school bestie, Breanna, for like two and a half hours yesterday for her birthday, and my current bestie, Megan, is having a sweet sixteen party Friday for her birthday! Anyway, is it just by where I live, or have any of you guys had crazy snow this week to? Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of it!!! First off, yesterday and tomorrow are/were both A-Days (for those of you that don't know, A and B days are how we categorize our school days, we have half of our classes on A days, and the other Half on B days) and I really like A-Days. I have my easy classes, I get to see most of my friends, I get to see the guy I like, and it's just an all around chill day. Second, The ONE time I will have a fun B-day is the time we get out for a B-day?! I would have boon working on fun projects all day today and I would have gotten to enjoy some yummy foods in French for Mardi-Graw. Anyway, at least this gives me time to finish some cleaning and late work! Anyway, have a nice day! Haha later!!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sophomore Year, Turning 16!!!

Hey guys, it's me again!!! Man I haven't been on blogger in forever!!! And guess what people?! I will officially be 16 in less than two days! This weekend I had my mini party thing with my besties and had so much fun! We face painted each other (Megan was a mouse, I was a cat, and Sam was a fish!). We then decided that it would be in the best interests of everyone if we went to diner with our animal faces on :) We went to Bob Evans (for those of you that don't know, it is a low key restaurant that does a lot of breakfast foods... They have diner and lunch foods to but the breakfast is the best part.) Megan got me a book, some lotion, and some ink for my calligraphy pens and Sam got me a book and a Barns & Noble gift card :) I love how they both know what I like so well!!! (I mean, I know them so well that I already have their birthday and Christmas presents picked, but still) We watched White House Down (which was a really good movie) and we chilled the rest of the night. We talked about the guys we like/books we recommend/ people we don't like/ and pretty much everything else you could think of.
I also am going to get both my learners and my first bank account soon! I have a couple hundred dollars saved up, I am planning on trying to get a job soon, and I'm super excited!
School has been okay. Have a few really good friends in my classes but all of my closest friends go to different schools. The guy I like was new at the beginning of the school year and it has been really fun getting to know him. He is a football player, tall, has really really pretty blue eyes, and an amazing personality. Plus, he is fresh out of Wisconsin! (I have always loved guys that are from low key areas. I don't know why, maybe cause they were raised to treat people right!) I have a lot of advanced classes that are pretty hard, but I'll figure it out. I'm taking Art, advanced algebra 2, world history, pe/gym, advanced biology, French 2, sports med, and advanced English. Long story short, I'm having fun and I'm going to go watch a movie with Amanda (my big sis).
Later!!! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Growing up and taking responsibility... Yay...

Heyy everybody! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, so I guess I  should just say what I've been up to. My younger siblings, Nathan and Brittany, have been at my house the past few days. I'm one hundred percent glad they're here but it gets kinda annoying sometimes... I only get time to myself at night when everybody is sleeping...... Like now. We got a pool a few weeks back and they seem to love that, in the past two days we have been in the pool for a total of at least ten hours. And the worst part is, they don't seem to understand that, since I'm babysitting a three year old, I can't do everything all the time.... Between entertaining Nathan who's fourteen, Ashley who's eleven, Brittany who's ten, and Tony who's three... All I can say is that I'm glad I don't live with everybody all the time. Because of all the swimming in chlorine and the fact that I have very thick curly hair, my hair has looked like shit the past few days. The kid's aren't allowed in the pool without me and since they don't have thick or curly hair, they don't understand my complications... I can get in the pool with zero knots and when I get out they are everywhere... And since Nathan and Brittany don't have to help at all with chores at their house they don't understand how hard it is to clean so they always leave messes, which makes my job that much harder... They never rinse of their dishes so the counter is filled with ants every afternoon and it makes my scrubbing job that much harder, and then they don't ever pick up anything so I have to pick up a whole lot more... Seriously, out of the four kids, Tony (the three year old) is the easiest to clean after... So needless to say I'm pretty tired... Yet I don't want to sleep because the house is finally quiet... I guess I finally understand why mom and Amanda (my big sister that's 19) always got so pissed of when Nathan and Brittany came over, since I'm only a year older then Nathan I used to just have fun and leave messes with everybody, but now that Amanda's working, Todd (my step dad) is always having to travel with work, and mom has crappy employees that she has to correct all the time, the cooking and cleaning is my job... At least I get paid... Although now I have no time to read the driving book so I can't take my driving test yet... Ughh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want school back... Being with friends would be nice...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well I see that lots of people view my page, but nobody ever comments. I don't care which language you speak, I will translate things if i have to, just start commenting. Tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you think about me and my crazy friends, or anything really. I just feel like I'm talking to a wall when nobody comments... So yeah, bye :)


Well today I looked to see how many people have viewed my page.... freaking 231 people have viewed my page. And I've got to say, I now love people a whole lot more. Half of my page views were from Russia where as the rest were spread between the U.S., Netherlands, France, and Brazil.Well thanks for viewing my page, and I'll try to post more interesting things from now on. Byee everybody!!! Continue to be amazing!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

A questionnaire for that hot person you have never had the guts to talk to.

How much do you know about yourself?
Answer the following:

1: What is your full name?

2: Do you have a third cousin?

3: If question three was answered yes, what is he/she’s phone number?

4: Do you have a Facebook? What is your password?

5: What is your blood type?

6: What is your IQ?

7: What is your address?

8: Do you use a mechanical pencil or a #2 pencil?

9: Have you ever had a pet monkey?

10: What is your grandpa’s middle name?

11: Have you ever had a sex translation?

12: Are you real, or are you a figment of my imagination?

13: Do you know my name?

14: I love you.

15: Are you currently in a relationship?

-Thank you, please complete this questionnaire and hand it in to the person who gave it to you.

Memories- 9th grade year

Wow, even though the year was long, the friends were great. From hanging out with Megan and Becca out of school and hanging with Cassie and Janine in school, I made so many good  memories. I'm gonna start with the beginning of the year and end with the past week. First there was the day I met Janine, we had been in science and history together for about three weeks when we finally started talking. Cassie and I were hanging put in the science room and we were about to do a group assignment (3 people per group) and the person Janine usually talked with wasn't there so we let her join our group. Lets just say, even though I think we kinda scared Janine with our craziness, she never partnered with her old friends again. We laughed about so much that day, we were learning about clouds and we made a whole lot of inside jokes about them (ps, stratus clouds drop it loww) and then there was Camoo and Daisy... My favoritest cows ever! Haha :) Next was the day that Vicky came over to my house after school and we did blind makeovers... I ended up with eyeliner on my lips and she had eye shadow as a foundation... Cause I TOTALLY didn't know that i grabbed the eye shadow and not the foundation :D mwahahaha!!! In November I got to see Megan and Becca out of school for the first time since school started.... We went to church with Megan and ended up getting a little high on sugar thanks to some very yummy brownies.... We made a questionnaire to give to the guy I liked (post the questions later) and we had new nicknames by the time we got home... We scared Megan's mom a little... I'm surprised she continued to let us hang out... The next month or so I had Cassie's birthday party and Cassie Janine and I became closer and closer (hey Cassie, so THAT'S what u been looking at all class ;D) And because of one of those days I ended up getting Cassie toilet paper for her birthday... Don't ask... On black frieday me and my big sister went shopping and everything was pretty cool. That is, until somebody drew a gun somewhere and a witness said it was us.... Turns out, we are men... Even though we didn't even stop at the store that this happened at... Then on my birthday in December I had Megandrea, Reclandrea (their new nicknames... Ps, i'm Kathandrea... We had a lot of brownies), and Sammy over. We wen't bowling and we hung out and it turns out, the movie me and mom picked out, was a little in-appropriate.... Things happen... On Christmas My aunt, her friend, my grandma, and my uncle came over which was pretty fun then the next day my brother and sister came over, we had so much fun playing tuns of different games and I pretty much tired my self out... I had exactly one day to relax then on new years eve Becca and I spent the night at Megan's house, we ran up and down the street barefooted blowing our new year noise maker things for about twenty minutes... Then Megan's parents went to bed and we "watched" a movie and we prank called people until 7 in the morning... Then we had to get up for church at 8:30..... We were a little tired that day... The next two weeks were a little boring then we started making a planet project in science... Lets just say, Cassie, Janine, and I get a little crazy in the library.... I don't know why, but we go insane... We were trying to get people to bye a vacation to a planet and we went a little over dose on the creativity section... Although that story doesn't even come close to the day I tried to get somebody to adopt a volcano........ Yeah, like I said, we get a little crazy in the library... In February me and Becca went to Megans house again and we, once again, had a lot of sugar... We now have a step for step plan on how to kidnap one direction... Making that plan was our diner conversation... Once again, i'm surprised her parents continue to let us hang out....... Ps, the steps will be posted later. Oh, and I found out that Megan is really bad at cooking....... We couldn't even bite into those cookies... On Megan's birthday we hung out once again with like 5 other girls... We watched a scary movie, prank called people, and in general, got crazy... I'm sure that video's floating around youtube somewhere....... On Becca's Birthday (on April fools) we ended up painting Megans driveway and might have also painted ourselves... Yeahh...... That's all I have o say... Then things were very boring for awhile, and the past two weeks were amazing. I went to the mall with Megan, we watched the Ice Age movies in science, we colored the whole time in math, we watched Wall-E and played cards in history then on the last day Cassie, Janine, and I gave each-other the most amazing makeovers I've ever seen... Cassie was an oompa-bird, Janine was an ava-bug, and a rainbow through up on me.... Well thats what my year has been filled with :) byee